Better Advertising Through Pod Casting With Norman Pattiz

Every great product wants to get their name out to the masses. There are a good number of effective ways to do this. You can advertise on bill boards, or through the radio and television. Norman Pattiz has figured out a way to advertise effectively through pod casting, and has studies of how well the pod casting advertising helps each certain brand.

The findings were well in favor of pod casting rather than other traditional methods. With times changing more people are browsing through podcast rather than television, bill boards, and radio. It is nice to have your brand acknowledge but even better to be purchased, after all that is what advertising is all about.

Studies showed that pod casting was very effective at turning sales over for those brands. PodcastOne tested this by surveying listeners before and after a ad campaign was run. Not surprisingly the number of people purchasing brands from those advertisements was much better than a traditional format. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

With pod casting being so successful Norman Pattiz has over three-hundred and forty hours of original programming through two hundred of the most popular podcast. It is clear that if you want better sales for your brands, that PodcastOne can do that for you. These studies were recently conducted as of late twenty sixteen and more results will come from future studies of podcasting advertisements.

Norman Pattiz has created the company Radio Giant Westwood One. He is currently a chairman of his radio station and has helped make it one of Americas largest radio stations.

His radio station broadcasts, news, sports, talk, entertainment, and traffic programming. Norman Pattiz has been part of the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America, he has also recieved an award from the Library of American Broadcasting for Giants of Broadcasting.

UKV PLC – Offering High-Quality Wines From Across The World

Understanding wine is a complicated matter, and knowing it all about the French Wines is even more so. The labeling process of French wine is different from other wines, and while others have the grape variety mentioned on their label, French wine has the region of origin specified on the label.

UKV PLC’s guide indicates that it is due to the French concept of Terroir, which says that the climate, soil, topographical conditions, local winemaking traditions, and other geographical factors play a huge role in how the result would be. Such factors can significantly influence how the wine would taste, and it is because of this reason the French wines are named and categorized as per the region of origin.

To understand this system comprehensively, wine connoisseurs should try to understand and learn the French Appellation system. It is a classification of French wines as per their region of origin and would help with understanding what is mentioned on the label. Even though there are many different types of wines available all over France, some of the most famous wines come from the region of Burgundy, Bordeaux, Loire, and Champagne. Even though these are French wines, they are peculiarly different from each other regarding texture, taste, smell, and flavor.

UKV PLC is a highly popular wine retailer in the United Kingdom, offering regular, rare, vintage, and investment grade wines to the wine connoisseurs. UKV PLC gets wines from across the world, and as it is an independent retailer, they have a huge stock of a wide variety of wines. UKV PLC sells their wine to customers all over Europe. UKV PLC assists clients looking for investment grade wines with the help of in-house wine consultants.

Learn more about UKV PLC:

Thinking About Buying A Cleansing Conditioner? Read This First

By now, you may have heard people raving about the amazing benefits of switching from conventional shampoo and conditioner to a cleansing conditioner. So, what makes this product so unique?

While conventional shampoo and conditioner products depend on harsh synthetic chemicals to aggressively strip away hair’s natural oils, cleansing conditioners are composed of natural ingredients that are gentle and full of the nutrition that hair needs.

The most popular Cleansing Conditioner by far is by WEN by Chaz. This QVC advertised product has become a coveted cult favorite in the world of hair care thanks to its undeniable ability to restore even the most intensely damaged, limp and dry hair after just one application.

Emily McClure decided to make the switch to a cleansing conditioner after having spent years being disappointed by conventional hair care products. She was yearning for a product that would give her limp hair a boost of volume and shine.

She finally picked up a bottle of WEN Cleansing Conditioner after seeing the commercial for the product on television late at night. In order to share the results with others, she kept a hair journal that can be read here.

Emily decided to apply WEN Cleansing Conditioner to her hair every day for one week. She was careful to follow the directions on the back of the bottle in order to ensure the best results.

After using the product for the first time in the shower, Emily noticed that her hair had a hint of volume at last. Additionally, she was amazed by how soft her hair was.

Each day, Emily’s hair looked and felt better than it had the day before. By day seven, Emily had finally achieved the full, shiny and soft hair that she had always desired. Thanks to Emily’s hair journal, it’s safe to assume that this Guthy-Renker endorsed product is definitely the real deal.

What it Takes to Have a Successful Startup

The industry of Startups is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the last few years. In fact, there are about 4 200 startups in Brazil according to the Brazilian Association of Startups at The enterprises work in all kinds of fields – health, trade, e-commerce, education, etc.

The president of Eucatex companies, Flavio Maluf, talked about in a recent interview about what it takes for businesses to experience individual growth. First of all, a company needs to have a well-defined foundation for professionals to work. Every aspect of the enterprise needs to be specialized ahead of time. Flavio Maluf also shared results of research on what will be the main areas of startup companies in 2017. For example, in the programming area most important will be mobile accessibility. Nowadays, every company has its mobile app no matter what their line of work is. That is because in the times we live in everything needs to be easy to access at all times. In the design area on, the crucial aspect will be CSS – a programming language used to beautify websites. The first thing that people notice when they visit a website is the appearance. It needs to look up to par in order to retain interest.

Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian business owner and a mechanical engineer based in Sao Paulo. He attended the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP). Flavio Maluf is president and owner of the company Eucatex and the group Grand Food which is a brand of animal feed. His father is the politician Paulo Maluf. Eucatex Group started operating in 1951. It works with the furniture industry and the segments of civil construction. More specifically, Eucatex Group supplies large construction industries as well as automotive and toy industries among else. Eucatex also works with international markets and is on the road to expansion on The company is structured in three factories. The first one is located in Salto, and it manufactures plates, paint, and varnishes; the second factory is in Botucatu making panels and floor works; and, last but not least, the Eucatex’ seeding industry is a part of its Forest Unit.

Understanding How Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer Was Able To Become A Success.

When an individual comes from a highly successful family or entrepreneurial family, he/she is expected to continue the family legacy and not differ from the family’s path. This is evident with Eduardo Melzer, commonly identified as Duda Melzer,, as he came from an entrepreneurial family considering his grandfather was responsible for founding RBS Group. Growing up in such a family, he had to learn all things business understanding the business world at a very tender age, and this enabled him to become who he is today.

He is an acknowledged individual in the business community considering what he has been able to achieve. According to, he currently sits as RBS Groups President and Chairman of Board of Directors. All the board members have confidence in his leadership skills as he is well qualified and experienced to be in a position of leading the firm to greener pastures. Apart from leading RBS Group,, Duda is the founder and chairman of e.Bricks Digital Inc., a firm responsible for investing in business growth in relation to the digital sector. Melzer has been able to build a successful career to the point of acting as an inspiration to future business entrepreneurs.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer began his career journey after graduating with a degree in Business Administration and MBA from the Pontifical Catholic University and Harvard University respectively. After graduating, he started his journey in North America at Delphi Corporation where he worked as a Senior Financial Analyst. He later decided to join the family business where he currently works.

His inspiration to become a successful entrepreneur comes from seeing other successful people achieving their goals. One person who has played a significant role in shaping Duda is John Davis who was a professor at Harvard and also the family business specialist. From him, Duda gained the confidence to go for what he wants as he admired how John was successful and highly respected. He believes with the right inspiration; a person can become who he aspires to become.

Hospital Copa Star Brings the Five-star Experience to the Brazilian Medical Industry

Hospital Copa Star opened its doors in October last year after the completion of a three-year construction process valued at R $400 million. The hospital is located along the Figueiredo Magalhaes Street in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Copa Star is currently the best hospital in Rio with respect to luxury, comfort, and technology.

According to Jorge Moll, a cardiologist practicing in Sao Paulo, Copa Star is the best thing that happened in Brazil in the recent times. He noted that before the hospital came to being, patients from Rio used to fly all the way to Sao Paulo to get a Cardiologists. He pointed out that the combination of technology and the professional staff at Copa Star was good for the patients.

The Hospital’s Sophisticated Infrastructure

The architectural design of the Copa Star is unprecedented in the whole city of Rio, with sophistication standards equivalent to that of five-star hotels. It has seven stories with a total floor space of 21,000 meters squared. The corridors leading to the wards are sufficiently aired and aromatized. The walls in the entire hospital buildings are decorated with artistic drawings of Yutaka, a Japanese painter. There is a designated area for easy and confidential movement of stretchers and health professionals to and from the wards.

With the state-of-the-art technological equipment, inpatients can conveniently converse with the doctors and nurses. They are provided with iPads that are programmed in a way that all the patients do is click, and they immediately get the attention they need. This technology allows patients to control the lighting system and to open & close curtains at the comfort of their beds. Doctors can also examine the patients without necessarily stepping in their wards. Visit their profile page on Facebook

The Hospital Has Highly Trained Professionals

Before they started operations, all doctors and other professional staff members working in Hospital Copa Star were taken to a two-months training program, after which they undertook several tests and simulations. Some of the areas in which they were trained on include approaching & handling patients, the type of clothes to wear, and the makeup types to apply. The hospital has 113 doctors, with the other professional and support staff totaling to almost 400.

More Hospitals on the Offing

Hospital Copa Star is the first in a series of other hospitals of its standards expected to be established by the Rede D “Or Sao Luiz in all major cities across Brazil. Plans are already in progress for the establishment of hospitals in Sao Paulo and Brasilia.

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Finding A Local Fabletics

For customers that have become acquainted with Fabletics, they have come to enjoy the approach that it takes with style and fashion. Fabletics offers items according to personal preference. Many people have found themselves to be really excited about receiving an item from the online retailer and even getting a free outfit based on their preferences. However, this is only one level of excitement that they get to experience. For people that live in one of the areas that Fabletics is expanding to, they will be excited to have a local store open up to them.


There are many advantages that Fabletics has in a physical location as opposed to an online platform. People get to enjoy the type of experience that they could get from a regular fashion company. Among the things they get to experience is the ability to actually try on the new items that they find in the stores. One of the reasons that this is an advantage is that new styles need to be figured out when it comes to sizing. This can be really hard with a website all by itself. Another thing to factor in is how the style feels to a person in general.


Fabletics is making a lot of headlines. Among the headlines that it has made is that it is taking on Amazon. In dealing with Amazon, it has a major advantage over the company in that Fabletics has physical locations that people can visit. Therefore, they don’t have to wait to get the items they pay for. They also save money because Amazon requires shipping and handling fees. Therefore, having a physical location is one of the best things that Fabletics can do in the fashion industry. This is a good service to add to the online fashion e-tailer experience.


For those that live near a local Fabletics, they get to experience a lot of the money saving conveniences that make location shopping great. Women can look at and enjoy the styles that make them feel valuable and confident. While many people may not be celebrities, there are those that feel like celebrities because of the clothes that they wear. The styles that Fabletics has to offer are amazing because they are very affordable and yet they are more durable than the clothing offered at other stores. Women can rest in their own sense of confidence at the items they are enjoying.

Why Omar Boraie Will Remain As an Indelible New Brunswick Figure

Omar Boraie is an Egyptian-born real estate developer. He is the founder and CEO of Boraie development. The Visionary real estate mogul has steered the company’s remarkable achievements for over four decades. Boraie will sink in the books of history of New Brunswick not as one of the most visionary developers but also as one of the individuals with unquenchable thirst for charity. With the assistance of his son, Sam Boraie, the Firm’s vice president, they have continually breathed life to the New Brunswick Residents.

Significant Developments in New Brunswick

For the last five years, the company has played a key role in revitalizing the city. Boraie development has laid down multi-purpose amenities that attract commercial developers, residents, and tenants. Some of the modern structures constructed include a deluxe luxury high-rise residential structure on Somerset Street, Spring Street Condominium building. The later is a 25 story building, the tallest building in New Brunswick with 121 residential units, 40,000 sq ft office space, 10,000 square feet retail space and a 400 space parking lot.

Going Beyond New Brunswick

Although Boraie Development has increasingly become popular in New Brunswick, the company has begun to gain popularity outside its home. The company is committed to developing unique and ultra-modern architectural designs outside New Brunswick. The new structures located in Atlantic City and Newark and condominiums in Bella and Enclave demonstrate the firm’s commitment. Soon the Boraie development is going to lay down modern luxurious amenities in Atlantic City. See,

Omar Boraie philanthropy works

Although Omar dedicates much of his time to the family business, Boraie is involved in various philanthropic activities. He has been involved in the activities of State Theatre of New Jersey, where his son Sam Boraie sits on the Board of Trustee. The organization has so far benefited over 30,000 students, families and teachers. The State Theatre depends heavily on philanthropic donations. Without the assistance from generous souls such as Omar Boraie, the organization could not achieve its objective of ensuring that arts are more accessible, informative and affordable.

In a report by, although supporting the State Theatre seems to be a lot for the residents of New Brunswick, to Boraie it’s the least he could do. He has also been involved in Elijah’s Promise, a charitable organization that is devoted to breaking poverty cycles in communities within New Jersey. The company is committed to ending hunger, encourage social benefits, provide safe and healthy foods, create business opportunities and empower individuals. With Sam Boraie sitting on the organization’s advisory board, it has managed to give food to over 100,000 people annually. With the aid of Boraie Development donations, the agency has managed to run a café, culinary arts school, soup kitchen, and a catering business.

For more info, check out Omar Boraie’s crunchbase bio.


Talk Fusion’s 2016 Communications Solutions Products Award by Technology Marketing Corporation

Talk Fusion is a foundation owned by Bob Reina, who is also the chief executive officer. The firm specializes in providing clients with an all-in-one video marketing product dedicated to aiding enterprises to compete effectively. The app provides a platform for businesses to increase sales and profits and keep a consistent flow of customers seeking their solutions. The video offers clients with more compelling ways of improving marketing by creating moving, engaging and memorable videos. Talk Fusion markets its products through independent person-to-person associates operating in more than 140 nations. They offer prospective buyers with a free trial that works smoothly before 30 days are up. In addition to selling the All-In-One Video, Talk Fusion has a commitment to giving back to the society of friends, families, animal shelters and communities.

On August 15th, 2016, Talk Fusion received the 2016 Communications Solutions Products award of the year from the Technology Marketing Corporation. The award was the second of the awards received from Technology Marketing Corporation in 2016. The award recognizes excellent products and services that facilitate data, video and voice communications that have significantly improved in the previous 12 months. Rich Tehrani, the CEO of TMC, stated that it was a pleasure to honor the recipients of the 2016 award. He explained that the honorees represented the best performances in the industry.
Talk Fusion’s Video Chat allows users to have live communications with anyone on the globe using the WebRTC technology. The application which can be installed on
smartphones, tablets, and desktops, is available on the Google Play Store and iTunes.

Talk Fusion launched the full version of the app in March 2016 and introduced trials and a brand new site, in less than a year. Bob Reina stated that Talk Fusion’s IT had big plans for the future which would put them ahead of every competitor in the industry. Ryan Page, the chief technical officer, stated that the launch of the app was a demonstration of how innovative and efficient the IT team is. He added to say that the team has a focus on creating more great solutions that would significantly help businesses around the globe.

Fabletics Finding Favor in the Activewear Market

The exciting new company co-founded by actress, Kate Hudson, has been getting rave reviews. Fabletics, offering stylish, comfortable, and affordable activewear, has grown from an online only e-commerce business launched in 2013 to opening more than 20 brick-and-mortar stores. And people are noticing. Reviews are popping up everywhere with praise for the unique way of shopping, the high quality of items and value per dollar compared to similar stores.


The Krazy Coupon Lady website reviews several different styles and comments on the exceptional bargain of paying only $25 for the first outfit purchased. That allows the consumer time to review the product and decide whether to become a VIP member. Choosing an outfit once a month at $49.95, half-off regular price, or opting out, is touted as a fun way to shop. Considering many other stores charge that price just for one item, Krazy Coupon Lady agrees that it is good value to purchase an outfit from Fabletics and it would be ‘krazy’ not to give it a try.


A fitness, food, and fashion blog called A Foodie Stays Fit reviewed several of the items and gives two enthusiastic thumbs up for the new Oula Tank. All the different colors available and the comfort while working out or running, finds her obsessing about some of the new items.


Listed as Number 12 in the category of Top Rated Activewear Companies by customers on the TrustPilot website, Fabletics has received over 8,000 reviews and ranked as a 7.9 by TrustScore. Taking into account the number of reviews, age of reviews and the customers’ star rating, the TrustScore shows the company’s worth by the consumer. In a large majority of the reviews, the ease of ordering, the choice of styles and colors, and the low prices stand out as the major reasons for buying from Fabletics. The subscription service provided by Fabletics known as the Flexible VIP membership is also a positive aspect of customer service praised by the buyers’ reviews.


Having a plethora of choices and making it fun to buy and wear clothing that can be worn outside the gym proves that Fabletics is a company catering to the desires of the modern day consumer. And the reviews continue to come in.

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