Why Omar Boraie Will Remain As an Indelible New Brunswick Figure

Omar Boraie is an Egyptian-born real estate developer. He is the founder and CEO of Boraie development. The Visionary real estate mogul has steered the company’s remarkable achievements for over four decades. Boraie will sink in the books of history of New Brunswick not as one of the most visionary developers but also as one of the individuals with unquenchable thirst for charity. With the assistance of his son, Sam Boraie, the Firm’s vice president, they have continually breathed life to the New Brunswick Residents.

Significant Developments in New Brunswick

For the last five years, the company has played a key role in revitalizing the city. Boraie development has laid down multi-purpose amenities that attract commercial developers, residents, and tenants. Some of the modern structures constructed include a deluxe luxury high-rise residential structure on Somerset Street, Spring Street Condominium building. The later is a 25 story building, the tallest building in New Brunswick with 121 residential units, 40,000 sq ft office space, 10,000 square feet retail space and a 400 space parking lot.

Going Beyond New Brunswick

Although Boraie Development has increasingly become popular in New Brunswick, the company has begun to gain popularity outside its home. The company is committed to developing unique and ultra-modern architectural designs outside New Brunswick. The new structures located in Atlantic City and Newark and condominiums in Bella and Enclave demonstrate the firm’s commitment. Soon the Boraie development is going to lay down modern luxurious amenities in Atlantic City. See, https://local.yahoo.com/info-11014537-boraie-realty-new-brunswick.

Omar Boraie philanthropy works

Although Omar dedicates much of his time to the family business, Boraie is involved in various philanthropic activities. He has been involved in the activities of State Theatre of New Jersey, where his son Sam Boraie sits on the Board of Trustee. The organization has so far benefited over 30,000 students, families and teachers. The State Theatre depends heavily on philanthropic donations. Without the assistance from generous souls such as Omar Boraie, the organization could not achieve its objective of ensuring that arts are more accessible, informative and affordable.

In a report by Patch.com, although supporting the State Theatre seems to be a lot for the residents of New Brunswick, to Boraie it’s the least he could do. He has also been involved in Elijah’s Promise, a charitable organization that is devoted to breaking poverty cycles in communities within New Jersey. The company is committed to ending hunger, encourage social benefits, provide safe and healthy foods, create business opportunities and empower individuals. With Sam Boraie sitting on the organization’s advisory board, it has managed to give food to over 100,000 people annually. With the aid of Boraie Development donations, the agency has managed to run a café, culinary arts school, soup kitchen, and a catering business.

For more info, check out Omar Boraie’s crunchbase bio.


Talk Fusion’s 2016 Communications Solutions Products Award by Technology Marketing Corporation

Talk Fusion is a foundation owned by Bob Reina, who is also the chief executive officer. The firm specializes in providing clients with an all-in-one video marketing product dedicated to aiding enterprises to compete effectively. The app provides a platform for businesses to increase sales and profits and keep a consistent flow of customers seeking their solutions. The video offers clients with more compelling ways of improving marketing by creating moving, engaging and memorable videos. Talk Fusion markets its products through independent person-to-person associates operating in more than 140 nations. They offer prospective buyers with a free trial that works smoothly before 30 days are up. In addition to selling the All-In-One Video, Talk Fusion has a commitment to giving back to the society of friends, families, animal shelters and communities.

On August 15th, 2016, Talk Fusion received the 2016 Communications Solutions Products award of the year from the Technology Marketing Corporation. The award was the second of the awards received from Technology Marketing Corporation in 2016. The award recognizes excellent products and services that facilitate data, video and voice communications that have significantly improved in the previous 12 months. Rich Tehrani, the CEO of TMC, stated that it was a pleasure to honor the recipients of the 2016 award. He explained that the honorees represented the best performances in the industry.
Talk Fusion’s Video Chat allows users to have live communications with anyone on the globe using the WebRTC technology. The application which can be installed on
smartphones, tablets, and desktops, is available on the Google Play Store and iTunes.

Talk Fusion launched the full version of the app in March 2016 and introduced trials and a brand new site, in less than a year. Bob Reina stated that Talk Fusion’s IT had big plans for the future which would put them ahead of every competitor in the industry. Ryan Page, the chief technical officer, stated that the launch of the app was a demonstration of how innovative and efficient the IT team is. He added to say that the team has a focus on creating more great solutions that would significantly help businesses around the globe.