Better Advertising Through Pod Casting With Norman Pattiz

Every great product wants to get their name out to the masses. There are a good number of effective ways to do this. You can advertise on bill boards, or through the radio and television. Norman Pattiz has figured out a way to advertise effectively through pod casting, and has studies of how well the pod casting advertising helps each certain brand.

The findings were well in favor of pod casting rather than other traditional methods. With times changing more people are browsing through podcast rather than television, bill boards, and radio. It is nice to have your brand acknowledge but even better to be purchased, after all that is what advertising is all about.

Studies showed that pod casting was very effective at turning sales over for those brands. PodcastOne tested this by surveying listeners before and after a ad campaign was run. Not surprisingly the number of people purchasing brands from those advertisements was much better than a traditional format. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

With pod casting being so successful Norman Pattiz has over three-hundred and forty hours of original programming through two hundred of the most popular podcast. It is clear that if you want better sales for your brands, that PodcastOne can do that for you. These studies were recently conducted as of late twenty sixteen and more results will come from future studies of podcasting advertisements.

Norman Pattiz has created the company Radio Giant Westwood One. He is currently a chairman of his radio station and has helped make it one of Americas largest radio stations.

His radio station broadcasts, news, sports, talk, entertainment, and traffic programming. Norman Pattiz has been part of the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America, he has also recieved an award from the Library of American Broadcasting for Giants of Broadcasting.

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