Amazing Ideas To Increase The Visual Height Of Your Ceiling

If your home has a low ceiling, you are not alone in the world. The good news is that you can fake the height of your rooms and other parts of your house. Experts over the years have come up with some imaginative and creative ideas to make your home ceiling look tall and high. From using stripes to low profile furniture, there are countless ideas you can implement to accomplish the task.

Following are some of the secrets of increasing the visual height of the ceiling you can use in your home.

Walls with Vertical Stripes:

 Stripped walls always look taller than they actually are. You can do many things to create vertical stripes on the walls. The easiest method is to use wallpaper or the paint. You have to do everything possible to draw the eyes of the visitor to the top of the room. Stripes can definitely direct the people’s attention to the top.

Hang Curtains on Top of the Walls:

Most people hang curtains at the top of the window frame. On the other hand, it is an excellent idea to go all the way to the highest point on the wall to create illusion of height. This will draw your eyes to the top, making your ceiling look higher.

Renovate Your Ceiling:

 You can also do a unique makeover to the room ceiling. Surprise the guests by adding shocking and unexpected wallpaper. You can also use a pretty but unique coat of paint to make your ceiling more beautiful and eye-catching. Alex Mouldings offered modern ceiling designs that can be perfect with your home interior.

Another amazing trick is to use high gloss paint on the ceiling. The reflection from the paint will create a sense of high ceiling and bigger room. Traditional ceiling types such as coffered ceilings or boxed beam ceilings can also do the job for you.

Go for Low Profile Furniture:

 Another method to increase the visual height of the ceiling is to choose low profile furniture. In simple words, you must choose the furniture which sits close to the floor. It is one of the best methods to make your room look bigger and capacious. You don’t feel cramped and closed if your room has low profile furniture.  This type of furniture takes less space, leaving a greater distance between the ceiling and top of the furniture.

Hang as many Mirrors as Possible:

 One way to make your room feel bigger is to hang reflective surfaces such as mirrors on the walls. Installing them a bit higher than usual will help you accentuate the effect even further. You need to add as many mirrors as possible if your room is low and cramped. This will instantly help you to achieve an expansive look in addition to making your room beautiful and attractive.

Experiment with Scale and Contrast:

 Previously, we talk about skipping taller furniture pieces and replacing them with the low-profile furniture. However, this is mostly true for sofas, chairs, tables, and beds etc. As a matter of fact, tall furniture pieces such as bookshelves make your room seem taller and bigger. Again, never forget to keep sofas, chairs and other upholstered pieces in a low profile style. You have to play with different dimensions to create more height in the room.

Recessed Lighting is the Best Option:

 You need to resist the temptation of installing chandeliers or drum shade fixtures in a room with low ceiling. They do look magnificent and luxurious but they can further decrease the height of the ceiling. On the contrary, you must consider using recessed or flush mount light fixtures. They basically perform two duties. They increase the visual height of the room by sitting inside the ceiling. Secondly, they greatly enhance the beauty of the ceiling, making it more fabulous and stunning.

There are many ways you can decorate the room with low ceiling and make it seem taller. Above mentioned are some of the tips you can use in your home to accomplish the task.

The Success Story of US Money Reserve with the Contribution of Stan Lee

US Money Reserve is broadly known for being among the leading private distributors nationally. The distribution entails the products issued by the US government. The products include gold products, platinum, and silver.

The company’s establishment took place in the year 2001. It is from then onwards that it has undergone a lot of transformation that categorizes it among global leaders regarding the distribution of the products of legal tender.

They deal with those distributed by the US as well as the foreign government. It is worth acknowledging that several clienteles throughout the country depend on the firm for the diversification of their assets together with the valuable physical metals. The primary form is US silver and gold coins.

Additionally, the firm has an outstandingly qualified group of professionals related to coin research. They also have numismatic experts that have the market knowledge related to finding products for the potential buyers of the precious metals at different levels.

It is remarkable that the firm extends its effort beyond the company standards. This is aimed at the provision of an exemplary customer service. Read more:  US Money Reserve | Buiilt in Austin

The objective, in this case, is the setting up of an enduring relationship with its customer population as a whole. The base of the US Money Reserve is located in Austin, Texas. It also has some followers on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

The firm is currently recognized broadly for its new initiative of Legendary Precious Metals. It is worth acknowledging that the firm already exposed a greatly-anticipated and exemplary coin series.

The release took place in Los Angeles. In the celebration of the initial deposit of the Marvel’s most recent trilogy of Spider-Man. It is an unforgettable series of both silver and gold coins.

Remarkably, the co-creator of Spider-Man, Stan Lee, together with the legend of Marvel Comics already signed a limited amount of the exclusive labels of PCGS in line with the universal leader about the certification of the third-party that executed its duties on a close link regarding the connection with Stan Lee.

David Hall is not only the PCGS co-founder but also the Collectors Universe’ president. He acknowledges how privileged he found following working with Stan Lee. Additionally, it is worth appreciating the great enhancement of each coin by his signature which raises the thrill associated with new thrilling.

According to Koch, their promotional and marketing efforts have enhanced the success story of the entire project. This thus reaffirms their stand as a force that is not only innovative but also optimistic.

Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The Brown Modelling Agency – Future Plans and Current Focus

The Brown Modeling Agency emerged as the child of the Austin businesses Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent South in 2015. Already, the modeling agency is serving global brands in a vast number of industries such as fashion, retail, auto, food, and so on.

On top of the company is the leader of Wilhemina Austin Mr. Justin Brown. He assumed the positions of chief executive officer and president while the founder of the Heyman talent South Mr. Michael B. Bonnee became the Head of the theatrical division. Up to date, the Brown Agency has more than 450 men, women, and children under their wing who are training at the agency. The Brown Agency works with global brands which provide the youths with a huge chance to have their breakthrough in the desired industry. Modeling agency offers their talents and clients with a full set of services which puts them before other competitors.

Mr. Justin Brown who is on top of the Brown Modeling Agency used to work in the business as well. When he was in college, he was able to pay for his education and living through modeling. He shared that he would receive $100 per hour for modeling skinny jeans made especially for him courtesy of Lucky Brand. He compared the job with his previous one which as at a golf course for $6 an hour. He added that youths making it big in the industry are fortunate and that he is happy to be able to provide them with the opportunity to succeed and achieve their dreams.

Even though the Brown Modeling Agency has more than 450 budding talents, there are only seven employees working in their temporary office. That means that Mr.Justin Brown has to take an active part in training the youths along with Heyman Talent South founder Mr. M. Bonnee. Mr. Justin Brown had had the previous experience at the job when he was doing ”development and placement” which is essentially training the people and finding them jobs.

According to Market Wired, after living in California for several years after turning 18, Mr. Justin Brown moved to Austin and immediately connected to the city. He set up his agency soon after. His previous experience in New York City and Los Angeles allowed him to keep promises and help his clients achieve their goals. Mr. Justin brown later became a part of Wilhelmina Austin which allowed him to take his services to a whole new level.

So what is next for the Brown Modeling Agency? For one, the business will be moving to a permanent location in the near future. They will also continue to expand the portfolio of brands and talents and provide youths with training as well as with opportunities to succeed in modeling.

How Greg Aziz Has Managed To Lead National Steel Car Through Various Achievements

James Aziz whose full name is Gregory J Aziz was born on 30th April 1949. He was raised in London in a town called Ontario. He went to the University of Western In Ontario. He studied economics. Since 1994, Greg Aziz has served as chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of National Steel Car. It is the leading company that engineers and deals in the manufacture of Railroad freight car globally. He is married to Irene, and together they support the prominent Royal Agricultural Winter Fair that takes place in Canada. In 1971, he decided to join Affiliated Foods. This is his family business of wholesale foodstuffs. 16 years under his leadership saw the company grow immensely and registered as a worldwide importer of fresh food. They import from Central and South America. Other than those two places, they also shipped from Europe. They make some distributions to the leading fresh food wholesalers in both the US and Eastern Canada.


In the late 1980s and 1990s, Aziz worked in New York and majored on various investing opportunities. In 1994 he played a significant role in the purchasing of National Steel Car from its owners then. It was owned by Dofasco and was quite successful. The main reason why he bought National Steel Car was, so he could transform it into North America’s leading company when it came to engineering and manufacturing of railroad freight cars. Five years since the acquisition of the company has seen the company’s manufacturing ability increase from 3500 cars per year to an annual production of 12000 vehicles. They were able to achieve this putting emphasis on substantial capital and investing in human resource. Other than the reasons above they also stressed on getting involved in team building activities and putting in place reliable engineering systems. Within the very same five-year space, there were increased employment opportunities as from 1994 to 1999. It rose from 600 employees to 3,000 employees. National Steel Car has made a name for itself when it comes to the innovation of new cars. It is outstanding in the industry because of its prowess in manufacturing and engineering. In a year the company gets to manufacture thousands of new Railroad Freight Cars. Visit This Web Page for more information on Aziz and National Steel Car.


Currently, National Steel Car is the only ISO 9001:2008 certified company credited with the manufacturing and engineering of railroad freight cars in the whole of North America It has retained the honor of leading in its industry for 18 years now. In the same 18 years, it has enjoyed recertification rounds which have seen to its maintenance of the first position. With Greg Aziz at the helm of the company’s leadership, they have been able to achieve the TTX SECO AWARD. The company has enjoyed more than 100 years of excellence in the field of engineering and manufacturing.

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Meet Gregory Aziz: The National Steel Car CEO

The aim of every investor when setting up a business is to get returns. The other dream of every business person is to have their business grow and become the most prominent business. Only a few live to see this happen. As a young business person, it’s advisable to read about the successful investors before you and see how they made it. This gives you a chance to learn new strategies and avoid mistakes. Gregory Aziz is one of the entrepreneurs that you can look up to, to learn. He held on to his dream until he made it come true.


Gregory J Aziz was born on April 30, 1949. At this point, no one had an idea of the great person he would become. As he grew up, he found what his purpose was and what he wanted. He was determined to make the Canadian Company the most prominent business in the freight car and tank manufacturing. This was not going to be a walk in the park; he had to work hard to achieve his goal.


In preparation for seeing this through, he went to Ridley College. Here he majored in Economics. This was crucial in the project that he was about to undertake. It would teach him how to utilize resources and maximize profits.


In 1971, he got a chance to put his education into practice. He began working for the family business. This was the first place where his grasp of business skills was seen. Within 16 years in the firm, it had become the most prestigious fresh fruit business. It imported and distributed the most substantial number of fresh fruits.


In the 1990s, Gregory J Aziz ventured into the banking business in New York. He needed to raise the capital and plan on buying the National Steel Car.


In 1994, he finally purchased the National Steel Car. This was a dream come true. Although the company was in a good position, Gregory Aziz knew he had what it needed to bring it to its feet.

Greg organized his team and taught them the importance of cooperation. He also established an excellent communication network. Find Related Information Here.


In 1999, the fruits of his hard work were seen and felt by everyone. The National Steel Car was now producing 12000 cars from the previous 3500. The employees also increased to 3000 from 600; this was to accommodate the workload.


Greg Aziz has done very many changes to the National Steel Car, to improve it. The customers continue to hope for continued quality products.

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The Career Life And Success Of Dr. Shafik Sachedina

Apart from heading the Jamati Institutions’ Department which is situated in France, Dr. Shafik Sachedina also facilitates the coordination of the projects that are in place within the institutions of the Ismaili Society. It is worth acknowledging the fact that Jamati Institutions work in association with the Aga Khan Foundation. At the moment, he is sixty-seven years old, and his early life started in Tanzania which is his birthplace. His consistent hard work concerning academics led to his attainment of his degree in the field of dental surgery. He acquired this from the London University. In particular, he acquired it from the Guy’s Hospital & Dental School.

It is as a result of his England’s service for long that his interest concerning philanthropy and entrepreneurship intensified and has since then onwards been serving at Jamati Institutions as a volunteer at

In addition to having been a participant at the institute’s Governors’ Board, Shafik Sachedina chairs the Humanitarian Assistance International Committee known as FOCUS. AKDN stands for Aga Khan Developments Network. Shafik Sachedina is a member of its committee, which has its base at Aiglemont and the International Forum of Ismaili leaders. It is remarkable that Shafik Sachedina occupied the presidential position at the United Kingdom’s Ismaili Council for two terms consecutively.

Like Shafik Sachedina on Facebook.

Shafik Sachedina has gained an additional experience from his service at the Sussex Health Care which refers to a self-governing group of homes situated in Sussex. He is a director of the institution. The location of the company is within Dorking Road at Tylden House. Its specialization is on taking care of the elderly suffering from Alzheimer’s ailment together with dementia. It also enhances the offer highly specialized care services for the adult patients experiencing disabilities with both learning and physically. The reason behind this is the fact that the company has adequate facilities essential for the support of the various extents of concern.

Lately, the company made an announcement of the new units situated at Broadbridge close to Horsham which is in the West Sussex. The facility has a lot of equipment that utilizes advanced technology in providing respite, outreach and residential placements. This is meant to aid the individuals nursing acquired brain injuries and the neurological conditions. The reports have it that the firm is currently undergoing development of services intended to help the individuals having autism as well as the ones that have significant disabilities associated with learning.

Since he has an experience that exceeds thirty-years, he has a lot of impact both within medicine as well as surgery.


Jeff Yastine & Banyan Hill Publishing

     Since its establishment in 1998, Banyan Hill Publishing Company has received a considerable amount of success. Needless to say, Banyan Hill did not turn into a prominent multimillion dollar publishing company overnight. Success for this company came with the overwhelming support of businessmen like Jeff Yastine. As Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff has not only helped Banyan Hill receive recognition for its great work but, unsurprisingly, has also been personally recognized for his contributions to his field as well as his company. With that said, let’s take a closer look at the career of Jeff Yastine and see how he has managed to thrive in his field of expertise.

Education & Background

For Jeff Yastine, his career would start at the distinguished University of Florida. At this university is where Jeff would earn his Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications degree, more specifically, in electronic journalism. This degree would be the building block for creating an illustrious career for himself, and that he did. Once he received his degree and began building upon his career, Jeff had little trouble finding jobs. Over the years, Jeff had earned the privilege of holding the titles of SR. Correspondent, Director of Financial Newsletters and of course Editorial Director across numerous companies. It is safe to say that collecting this experience over the years prepared Jeff tremendously for his role at Banyan Hill Publishing. In addition, one can also see how it is no surprise Jeff has received the amount of success he has because of his vast knowledge and experience in his field.

Recognitions & Contributions to Banyan Hill Publishing

By having such a well-rounded background of over two decades prior to excepting his role at Banyan Hill, Jeff found it easy to manage Banyan Hill as Editorial Director. Since his start at Banyan Hill in 2015, Jeff has contributed to numerous respected articles and has also been an Emmy-nominated anchor and correspondent. Worth mentioning, his Emmy nomination for anchor and correspondent is aside from his Emmy nomination for business for his efforts in reporting on America’s poor systems of public infrastructure. Besides his personal achievements, Banyan Hill would be wrong in saying that Jeff has not helped the company reach the amount of success it has since his arrival, that is just a fact. However, it goes without saying that a businessman such as the one Jeff Yastine has become, will continue to achieve much success for years to come.


How Gregory Aziz Has Transformed The Manufacturing Sector In North America.

Gregory Aziz is one of the most famous individuals living in America, who successfully achieved in the business world. He was born in 1949 and spent his childhood days in Ontario, Canada before relocating to New York to pursue his career. The businessman got his degree in economics from Western Ontario University after completing his studies at Ridley College. Gregory James Aziz joined his dad’s business venture, Affiliated Foods, which involved import and export of fresh foods across the universe. He served the firm as the general manager from 1971 to 1988. By the time of his departure, the company had expanded its business operation s to Europe, South America, and Central America. Afflicted Foods transformed to become a commercial food venture through stewardship of Gregory Aziz.


Greg Aziz used his academic credentials to secure various job opportunities in New York as a Banker. He later resigned from his workplace and acquired National Steel Car using his savings. Gregory James Aziz’s experience in the corporate world helps him in managing activities in the firm as the chief executive officer. He also serves as the chairman of the board of executives of National Steel Car. The acquisition of the company by Greg J Aziz positively impacted the growth and development of the firm. He incorporates experts who are creative in the engineering process of manufacturing railroad vehicles. Click Here For More Info.


National Steel Car is a railroad manufacturing firm, established over one hundred years ago. Greg Aziz’s leadership as the chief executive officer increased the production quantities of their products from 3,000 annually to over twelve thousand railroad cars yearly. The company launches new railcars every year, which earns them an incredible reputation in the field of manufacturing. The company received TTX SECO award for producing unique freight cars, which meets and exceeds the demands of customers. The quality commodities earned the company an ISO 9001:2008 certification award under railroad manufacturers in North America. More workers were absorbed into the company from the initial three hundred to over two thousand employees. National Steel Car is currently working on inflammable rail tanks, which meet the new ordinances in the transport sector.


Residents of Hamilton receive support from Gregory James Aziz through National Steel Car. He engages in charitable activities that empower the local community. The American business executive holds a Christmas bash yearly that attracts workers and natives, which helps to promote local food drives. Gregory Aziz immensely supports the Salvation Army, Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius and the Royal Winter Affair.

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Gregory Aziz Does What He Can For His Business

Since Gregory James Aziz knew a lot about business when he first started out his career, he was able to make positive choices that would have positive impacts on the businesses he worked with. He was an expert when he was helping other people, but he often got tired of doing the work for other people and never really benefitting from it for himself. Because of this, Gregory Aziz wanted to make things better for himself. He wanted to be successful in his own way as the owner of his own company. He knew what it would take so he wanted to continue doing it and making things better. Learn More Here.


ven when Gregory Aziz first purchased National Steel Car, he was trying to make things easier on himself. He knew the company was going to perform poorly if it kept going in the direction of his business. There are different things that Gregory Aziz has done to make the company better than what it was, but one of the best things he did was make it something that people would be able to benefit from in every way. He knew other businesses relied on National Steel Car so he didn’t want the company to go under.


Since Greg Aziz was the owner, he had a lot of personal investment in the company. In addition to the purchase he made for the company, he was also doing what he could to fund all the changes to the company. Even though he was an expert while working for other companies, it took a lot of work for him to get to the point where he was going to be making money with National Steel Car. By doing everything the right way, Gregory Aziz was doing the best job possible for the industry and the company he worked with.


For Gregory J Aziz, this was something that would continue to be a positive influence on his life. He knew he would have to make things better for people who were in different situations. He also knew National Steel Car would only get better if he was doing all the work on the company. By avoiding high cost things, he was giving himself the best chance at success with a company he knew he would have a chance to profit from if he got it to the point where it was supposed to be at.