Jeff Yastine & Banyan Hill Publishing

     Since its establishment in 1998, Banyan Hill Publishing Company has received a considerable amount of success. Needless to say, Banyan Hill did not turn into a prominent multimillion dollar publishing company overnight. Success for this company came with the overwhelming support of businessmen like Jeff Yastine. As Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff has not only helped Banyan Hill receive recognition for its great work but, unsurprisingly, has also been personally recognized for his contributions to his field as well as his company. With that said, let’s take a closer look at the career of Jeff Yastine and see how he has managed to thrive in his field of expertise.

Education & Background

For Jeff Yastine, his career would start at the distinguished University of Florida. At this university is where Jeff would earn his Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications degree, more specifically, in electronic journalism. This degree would be the building block for creating an illustrious career for himself, and that he did. Once he received his degree and began building upon his career, Jeff had little trouble finding jobs. Over the years, Jeff had earned the privilege of holding the titles of SR. Correspondent, Director of Financial Newsletters and of course Editorial Director across numerous companies. It is safe to say that collecting this experience over the years prepared Jeff tremendously for his role at Banyan Hill Publishing. In addition, one can also see how it is no surprise Jeff has received the amount of success he has because of his vast knowledge and experience in his field.

Recognitions & Contributions to Banyan Hill Publishing

By having such a well-rounded background of over two decades prior to excepting his role at Banyan Hill, Jeff found it easy to manage Banyan Hill as Editorial Director. Since his start at Banyan Hill in 2015, Jeff has contributed to numerous respected articles and has also been an Emmy-nominated anchor and correspondent. Worth mentioning, his Emmy nomination for anchor and correspondent is aside from his Emmy nomination for business for his efforts in reporting on America’s poor systems of public infrastructure. Besides his personal achievements, Banyan Hill would be wrong in saying that Jeff has not helped the company reach the amount of success it has since his arrival, that is just a fact. However, it goes without saying that a businessman such as the one Jeff Yastine has become, will continue to achieve much success for years to come.