The Brown Modelling Agency – Future Plans and Current Focus

The Brown Modeling Agency emerged as the child of the Austin businesses Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent South in 2015. Already, the modeling agency is serving global brands in a vast number of industries such as fashion, retail, auto, food, and so on.

On top of the company is the leader of Wilhemina Austin Mr. Justin Brown. He assumed the positions of chief executive officer and president while the founder of the Heyman talent South Mr. Michael B. Bonnee became the Head of the theatrical division. Up to date, the Brown Agency has more than 450 men, women, and children under their wing who are training at the agency. The Brown Agency works with global brands which provide the youths with a huge chance to have their breakthrough in the desired industry. Modeling agency offers their talents and clients with a full set of services which puts them before other competitors.

Mr. Justin Brown who is on top of the Brown Modeling Agency used to work in the business as well. When he was in college, he was able to pay for his education and living through modeling. He shared that he would receive $100 per hour for modeling skinny jeans made especially for him courtesy of Lucky Brand. He compared the job with his previous one which as at a golf course for $6 an hour. He added that youths making it big in the industry are fortunate and that he is happy to be able to provide them with the opportunity to succeed and achieve their dreams.

Even though the Brown Modeling Agency has more than 450 budding talents, there are only seven employees working in their temporary office. That means that Mr.Justin Brown has to take an active part in training the youths along with Heyman Talent South founder Mr. M. Bonnee. Mr. Justin Brown had had the previous experience at the job when he was doing ”development and placement” which is essentially training the people and finding them jobs.

According to Market Wired, after living in California for several years after turning 18, Mr. Justin Brown moved to Austin and immediately connected to the city. He set up his agency soon after. His previous experience in New York City and Los Angeles allowed him to keep promises and help his clients achieve their goals. Mr. Justin brown later became a part of Wilhelmina Austin which allowed him to take his services to a whole new level.

So what is next for the Brown Modeling Agency? For one, the business will be moving to a permanent location in the near future. They will also continue to expand the portfolio of brands and talents and provide youths with training as well as with opportunities to succeed in modeling.