Southridge Capital Company; your Financial Partner

Southridge Capital Company is a financial company that offers direct investment and consultant services to small and medium companies. Since its formation in 1996, the finance team has been able to make direct investments of more than $1.8 billion to finance the growth of the companies around the globe. The ability of the company to come up with a financial plan that suits the prospective customers, and then working them out without fail has been one of the strengths of the company.

The CEO of the company, Mr. Stephen Hicks, announced the partnership with the Elite Data Services, which is a technology company that gears their software applications to the potential customers as well as advertising the assets they hold. This company relies on the advanced technology. It concentrates on the marketing and promoting solutions that can generate revenue for the established businesses. According to the statement of the Chairman of Southridge Capital, they are delighted to invest in companies that offer innovativeness in the industries they serve.

According to the news that was released by the, Southridge entered into the agreement of $10 million equity purchase with the elayaway.

Regarding securitization, companies that aspire capital do not avail themselves of all the current opportunists. Some of the solutions of the Southridge Capital solutions is to monetize the company’s existing base. The particular techniques used include the loans against the insider assets.

In achieving credit enhancement, Southridge offers assistance to the companies to facilitate them enhance their creditworthiness.  For more details visit LinkedIn.

Southridge Company has been able to offer different resolutions to monetary issues of the company. Each solution is modified according to the circumstance at hand. Some of the products of the company include Equity Purchase Agreement. The company’s team provide advice on different corporate issues that cover the procedure of becoming a public company, personalized financing skills to the enhanced way of managing the balance sheet.

The company has vast experience in the field of investment, having financed more than 250 public companies in the past 20 years, they have exceptional knowledge when it comes to the issues facing the upcoming companies. You can visit their Facebook page.