Dr. Saad Saad’s Worthwhile Medical Inventions

Doctor Saad Saad is a children’s surgeon who has performed numerous pediatric surgical operations. One of the reasons as to why he chose to serve as a physician was to achieve his interests. As such, he aimed to improve the procedures and methods that already existed in the medical field. Constantly, he developed ways to reduce the risk and pain that the patients underwent. His efforts have enabled him to create new inventions which have enhanced the surgical operations.

Prior to the inventions, Dr. Saad Saad performed surgeries on patients from numerous backgrounds including those from his community and others from the neighboring community. All his patients appraised the manner in which he approached them and helped in treating them. His philanthropic activities have been evident in different communities within the United States of America and Holy land where he has significantly assisted both the children and the adults.

Some of the other sectors he offered his impeccable services include medical missions in the United States of America, West Bank and Jerusalem. During these missions, he conducted surgeries on poor children. The doctor uses the patents to conduct his medical inventions. One of his significant inventions is the medical catheters. They are tubes which can perform many functions. They are inserted into the body with the aim of performing surgical operations or treating certain medical conditions. In addition, they drain gases and fluids from the body, thus enabling surgical instruments to access the system and perform other functions depending on the type being used.

Interestingly, some catheters can be kept in the body either permanently or temporary depending on what is being investigated. It is vital for the surgeons to track the exact location of the catheter before it is inserted into the system. An x-ray was formerly done to view the precise location of the catheter. However, it was noted that frequent x-rays exposed the system to many medical problems.

Alternatively, in place of the x-ray, a Magnetic Resonance Imaging test is done. However, its impractical nature of not being portable enabled Dr. Saad Saad to devise an instrument that could help locate the catheter. The new instrument uses electromagnetic energy to locate the catheter. Moreover, it makes the work of the doctor easy because he or she can scan the outside body of a patient using an external device. The device is helpful to the patients because they can avoid scans that rely on x-ray and MRI. His second invention promotes endoscopes where the inside body of a patient can be examined using them. The doctors can use it to suck liquids from the inside part of the patients.

Dr. Saad Saad has contributed significantly to changing the medical technology. It is mandatory for the patients to be safe while the doctors use easier medical instruments to conduct the operations. Having been certified in the US, the surgeon worked for the royal family in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, he was exemplary in both verbal and written Arabic and English which made him qualified for the post. His birthplace was Palestinian but he ended up growing in Kuwait alongside his seven siblings. Learn more: https://chronicleweek.com/2018/04/dr-saad-saad-medical-missions/

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