Sightsavers Strives To Build Inclusive Programs

In the last few years, Sightsavers has reevaluated their approach to eye health and wellness with their urban eye health programme. The program is located in Bhopal, India, and the team has learned a lot throughout their times there on how to create a more inclusive program.


The Sightsavers team has learned a lot and pinpointed some of the needs that need to be met for the success of this program. One of the biggest lessons so far is that special accommodations must be made for marginalized individuals who need eye care. To make Sightsavers more inclusive and beneficial to all, the team is now striving to:


1) Start a conversation and raise awareness about inclusion. Sightsavers team members all and all need to have proper training and awareness of the needs of those they are trying to help.


2) Improve the accessibility of health care. Sometimes, the physical acts of making it to an appointment or health center are simply too hard of a task. Other options need to be made for individuals with disabilities.


3) Involve the people they are representing. Bringing people with disabilities into positions of leadership will give more a voice to the disabled and help to make programs more beneficial for everybody involved.


4) Build their network. The more people involved in the mission of Sightsavers, the more resources will be available to those who need them. Including other companies and organizations with similar goals and visions will build the foundation of the Sightsavers network and help to spread eye care to even more people throughout the world.


5) Allocate more time and resources. Providing care to the disabled community will require time, care, and extra leadership initiatives. Sightsavers will establish these resources for this program and hopefully expand their capabilities of who they can help.


Sightsavers strives to help with the visual health of people across the world. By creating more inclusive programs that are easily accessible for everyone, they are helping make this dream a reality. They will continue to strive to improve their programs and bring visual health care to all.