Lime Crime, A Prominent Trend Setter In The Industry Of Beauty

The leading trendsetting brand of makeup is Lime Crime due to its cruelty-free, vegan and vibrant products. It was reported just recently that Tengram Partners Capital has acquired the company. Tengram Partners Capital is the principal private equity organization, which concentrates specifically on retail and branded consumer organizations. Former Fresh General Manager Stacy Panagakis is set to join in as Executive Chief Officer. Established in 2008 by Mark Dumbelton and Doe Deere, Lime Crime is spearheading, cult favorite and digital beauty brands including forwards fashion beauty aficionados.

Through constant innovation and creativity, Lime Crime is unique by making a world that is magical where refined beauty exists, and self-articulation is empowered. For quite a long time, Lime Crime has set Patterns, which have transformed the industry of beauty. Currently, the brand has turned into a global marvel, with clients from London to Los Angeles to Singapore. The company’s products are highly demanded in most retail outlets like, Riley Rose, and Bloomingdales. Lime Crime is ranked as the number one cosmetics color brand, and as of late it has been unveiled in the United Kingdom.

Acquisition of Tengram is so vital since it will extensively assist Lime’s development strategy. This will additionally make various alternatives of its enthusiastic purchaser base to realize remarkable brand products and the signature capricious universe. Lime Crime is a first digital organization, and it will keep on focusing on, i.e., its flagship. The company is seeking after specific retail associations in order to ensure its quality products are accessible to many unicorns, whenever they want to shop.

The company takes customer feedback seriously. In relation to concerns raised by clients, the company is set to create a more broad products selections for its customers. Through the introduction of new categories and employing its formulations that are creative, the firm establishes a global community for Lime Crime. Lime Crime central goal involves creating trend-setting, innovative products, and encounters which move customers to a globe of magic. The company offers you a chance to express yourself proudly as you wish and try different colors and ensure you have your own custom-made look.