Rocketship Education: Bringing a Revolution in the Field of Academia

With the launch of the Rocketship Education schools, education has never been affordable. The group of schools is fully dedicated to offering innovative education to children from low income families. The schools have always been focused towards settling the achievement gap between students through building and adopting the use of a scalable and sustainable school model. The benefits of the schools have already been experienced in the country, and many people have accredited its founders for their ability to bring education to a whole new level.

The performance in the schools is also remarkable, and as a result, a vast number of people have opted to enroll their students in the latter.

Rocketship Education was founded in 2006, and it established its first school in San Jose, California. The group of schools grew tremendously to establish a vast number of its affiliates in the broader parts of California within five years. The high performance seen in the schools saw it expand to establish more of its kind in the broader parts of the United States including Washington D.C. Nashville, Milwaukee, among many other parts of the country.

The ability of the school’s founders to bring inventiveness in its establishment as well as operation played a huge role in leading it towards its today’s notable successes. Many parents have striven to enroll their children in the Rocketship Education group of schools, and a significant number of them are satisfied with the results.

Rocketship Education learning model has seen it outshine many schools in the country. Through its hybrid learning model, online learning has become easy, and children can now hold group discussions to share and exchange ideas on every content. Additionally, the teaching process has also become overly easy as tutors can teach a large group of students and correct negative behaviors as well as reward positive behavior quickly. Additionally, children in the group of schools have also acquired a chance to learn communication skills that are a vital part of the entire education process. The many partnerships that Rocketship Education has formed with other schools have also enhanced the sharing of knowledge and teamwork.