The Rise of OSI Group


OSI Group is one of the leading companies in the production of meat products around the world. The venture began as small butchery in the neighborhood of Chicago run by a German Immigrant in 1909. However, it has grown to become one of the best meat suppliers in not only the United States but also in the world. The company expanded rapidly when it won a tender of supplying their products to the McDonald’s a chain of restaurants around the world. Over the last couple of years, the business has branched out to become the world’s leading supplier of meat and Poultry products around the globe.

Currently, OSI Group is one of the biggest privately owned venture in the United with the Forbes magazine estimating wealth to be about six billion dollars. Furthermore, the business venture has over sixty-five facilities in over seventeen countries worldwide. Additionally, the business venture has employed close to twenty thousand employees around the around the globe as well.

What led to the growth of the Venture?

The success of the organization is attributed the hard-working staff and the management that has the know-how on the process of running the firm. One of the people who has helped push the agenda of OSI Group is the chief operations officer as well as the president of the company. Mr. McDonald started as a young/junior employee before rising through the ranks to become the man in charge of the company’s critical decision-making stage. Over the period of three decades working with OSI Group, he has managed to advance the agenda of the company which is treating the employees and customers as one large family as well as giving quality produce at the right amount and time needed by the supplier.

Innovation is another important agenda that has managed to take the OSI Group to the global market. Technology is a factor that each company has to embrace to stay profitable in the twenty-first century. The technology ranges from the means of transport, the ordering procedure as well as the how the design of the various products should look like. All these are among the factors that have helped in making the company stay profitable and expand further to where it is at the moment.

Furthermore, the introduction of the new products in the type of products that they process has brought on board another set of new customers.