Waiakea Water Straight From the Volcano

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is naturally alkaline. It goes through a natural filtration system. The natural system is the Mauno Loa Volcano,the Waiakea water filters through fourteen thousand feet of volcanic rock that is porous. The water is constantly moving through the volcano, it does not become stagnant. It rains three hundred and sixty days out of the three hundred and sixty day year. The Waiakea Water is constantly being moved and filtered through the volcano. The filtration through the volcano causes such natural alkaline within the water, that there are many health benefits within the water. The Waiakea water is needed to maintain proper tissue and cell health within the body. To ward off health issues, the body needs to maintain a pH of 7.4. The Waiakea Water has a natural pH of 8.8, giving the body many benefits.

Once the water is done filtering through the volcano, it is then ready to be bottled. When it is bottled the pH of Waiakea Water is 8.8. This is the natural pH of the water that occurs through the amazing water filtration system that takes place through the Mauna Loa Volcano. The Mauna Loa Volcano is the plant’s most active volcano. Mauna Loa is thirty three thousand feet above the floor of the sea. The Grand Canyon would be filled eighteen times by the rock within the Mauno Loa Volcano.

There are life altering benefits to the Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. The life altering benefits are that the alkaline in the water can stop acid reflux, it helps balance the pH of the body and hydrates the body. The alkaline water helps the body to hydrate quicker than tap water does.The silica in the water is proven to slow down the aging process. This wonderful Hawaiian volcanic water has so many health benefits. It contains calcium, magnesium, electrolytes and other minerals. The Waiakea Water is so pure being filtered through the Mauno Loa Volcano, that it is said to possibly be filled with a little Hawaiian magic in every sip. There is no purer water than Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water.


Waiakea Water: from a Startup to a $10 Million Company

At one time, the thought of launching a bottled water business would have been laughable, at best; today, however, bottled water is a $100-billion-dollar industry, that has seen an influx of new startups, all vying for their share of the market. One of the most successful startups in this sector is Waiakea Water; it is a bottled water company that prides themselves on being a purveyor of 100% naturally sourced water. One of the things that help to differentiate Waiakea Inc. from their competitors is the natural filtration process, which occurs well before their water is ever placed on store shelves.

Waiakea bottled water is derived from the Mauna Loa volcano, which is one of the five volcanoes that form the island of Hawaii. Why would Waiakea go to these lengths to source their water? Well, it’s simple, really; it’s the purest water on Earth. The journey of Waiakea bottled water begins when snowmelt passes through several feet of porous volcanic rock; as the water makes its journey, it is infused with electrolytes and minerals, that add multiple health benefits to the water. Once the water is collected, the bottling process begins. Waiakea uses RPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) instead of BPA plastic to package their water. Not only is this bottling process more cost-effective, it’s also environmentally friendly; unlike BPA plastics, RPET is  degradable, meaning it doesn’t harm wildlife or clutter landfills. In addition, RPET requires less manufacturing time to produce, which reduces production cost, and in turn, lowers the cost charged to consumers.

How successful is Waiakea? Well, the company, currently valued at $10- million dollars, has enjoyed a 170% annual growth rate, since being founded in 2012. So, clearly there is consumer demand for great tasting, naturally sourced water; in fact, Waiakea produces over 100,000 cases of water per year. Waiakea has managed to find a way to improve on an existing product, while also creating consumer demand, and as a result, they have earned their share of the $100-billion-dollar bottled water industry.

Waiakea Hawaiian Bottled Water Announces They Will Use a Fully Degradable Plastic Bottle By Next Year

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has always prided itself for being on the cutting edge of all recent technology, and they are proud to announce they will be using a fully degradable bottle within the coming year. This crucial step will reduce the lifespan of the fully-recyclable packaging by 98%.

Waiakea is going to be the first to offer the TimePlast additive to their bottles, which basically means the materials will now be made from 100% recycled bottles themselves. This breakthrough will ensure that Waiakea stays as the leader of bottled water for many years to come.

Of course, these new bottles from Waiakea definitely beg a couple of questions: first, why wasn’t this idea thought of previously? The answer, says CEO Ryan Emmons, is simple: “First, most of the scientific research related to polymers over the last 70 years has always been focused on how to make them better and stronger and not simplified on a molecular level.”

However, by finding out a way to make these plastic materials use less complex molecules, they are now able to manufacture molecules that will only have a life span of 15 years versus the normal 1500 years. This new approach ensures that the plastic will degrade much quicker than mother nature could normally do it and will consist of a plastic that does not have such a massive ecological footprint.

Thus, to say that the makers of Waiakea Hawaiian Bottled Water are dedicated to conserving the environment for future generations would be an understatement. It is just indicator of a truly upstanding company that cares about giving back to the community.

Waiakea was began after Ryan Emmons and his family visited Hawaii and he realized that the water he was drinking truly something special. Emmons realized that something was missing in the bottled water industry, and he realized that many brands of bottled water were nothing more than just filtered city water.

The best bottled water comes naturally, from a source, and that is precisely what Waiakea’s water does. Emmons and his company realized they were on to something major, and that is why they have grown exponentially since their founding in 2012.