Understanding How Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer Was Able To Become A Success.

When an individual comes from a highly successful family or entrepreneurial family, he/she is expected to continue the family legacy and not differ from the family’s path. This is evident with Eduardo Melzer, commonly identified as Duda Melzer, eduardosirotskymelzer.com, as he came from an entrepreneurial family considering his grandfather was responsible for founding RBS Group. Growing up in such a family, he had to learn all things business understanding the business world at a very tender age, and this enabled him to become who he is today.

He is an acknowledged individual in the business community considering what he has been able to achieve. According to clicrbs.com, he currently sits as RBS Groups President and Chairman of Board of Directors. All the board members have confidence in his leadership skills as he is well qualified and experienced to be in a position of leading the firm to greener pastures. Apart from leading RBS Group, http://zh.clicrbs.com.br/rs/noticias/noticia/2015/12/grupo-rbs-anuncia-mudancas-na-estrutura-organizacional-4930411.html, Duda is the founder and chairman of e.Bricks Digital Inc., a firm responsible for investing in business growth in relation to the digital sector. Melzer has been able to build a successful career to the point of acting as an inspiration to future business entrepreneurs.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer began his career journey after graduating with a degree in Business Administration and MBA from the Pontifical Catholic University and Harvard University respectively. After graduating, he started his journey in North America at Delphi Corporation where he worked as a Senior Financial Analyst. He later decided to join the family business where he currently works.

His inspiration to become a successful entrepreneur comes from seeing other successful people achieving their goals. One person who has played a significant role in shaping Duda is John Davis who was a professor at Harvard and also the family business specialist. From him, Duda gained the confidence to go for what he wants as he admired how John was successful and highly respected. He believes with the right inspiration; a person can become who he aspires to become.