Alex Pall Interview About The Chainsmokers

It’s astounding how the Chainsmokers rose from obscurity to worldwide fame in such a short time. Nevertheless, they have since become an indelible staple of the music industry. Alex Pall recently sat down for an interview to discuss how the DJ and production duo first got their start and where they plan to go with their career in the future. The two first met in the big apple when Andrew Taggart was matriculating at a local university and Pall was taking various DJ gigs in and around the city. It was Pall’s manager who first introduced them and, from the moment they met, they knew they would work well together. Afterward, Taggart dropped out to work with Pall on music full time and, before they knew it, they had released their first hit single, Selfie. The rest, as they say, is musical history.

What separates them from a lot of other DJs is the fact that Pall actually sings on their songs. However, he believes it’s essential to their music-making process, insisting it’s important for him to sing on their tracks since the lyrics pertain to his life. After collaborating with Halsey, he praised her unique, individual style and mentioned that she’s the kind of artist they would like to continue working with in the future. They also discussed the fluctuation of their fanbase. It used to be mostly college students but it has since expanded to include people of all ages.

Despite the pervasive fame, he said that he doesn’t take a single bit of it for granted, stating how grateful he is for everyone who listens to their music. He then went on to discuss their live shows. Some artists don’t sing live during their concerts, but the Chainsmokers certainly do and Pall has said he is particularly proud of this fact. And they don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. They believe that if they take time off from making music, things simply won’t be the same when they return. So we wish them the best of luck in their future musical endeavors and hope they have continued success.

Lawrence Bender is a Film Producer, Responsible for the Production of The Mexican

Lawrence Bender is a film and television producer, working on shows such as an Earthsea miniseries, Nancy Drew, Kill Bill, and many other production. Despite the long list of Bender’s accomplishments, he originally didn’t have an eye for the film industry. Out of high school, his initial plan was to become a civil engineer, even studying at the University of Maine, gaining a degree in civil engineering.

Lawrence Bender, after college, worked as a grip on popular television show Tales from the Darkside. This marked his first job in the entertainment industry, but he found real success as a film producer in 1992. Reservoir Dogs marked Lawrence Bender’s first collaboration with Quentin Tarantino.

Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, From Dusk till Dawn, Jackie Brown, and Inglourious Basterds are the other collaborative efforts of Bender and Tarantino.

Outside of the work with Tarantino, Lawrence Bender has found success as well. The Mexican, Dirty Dancing 2, and Knockaround Guys are also productions of Bender.

The Mexican is one of Bender’s most successful films. The film stars Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, and James Gandolfini. The plot focuses on a dysfunctional couple and their struggles with organized crime. The protagonists of the film are indirectly involved in the crime family after a traffic accident leaves a prominent gangster dead. Brad Pitt’s character is held responsible for the accident and is tasked with a variety of jobs in order to pay back the crime syndicate.

Brad Pitt’s character’s final mission is to retrieve a gun from Mexico, but he experiences a series of betrayals and mysteries along the way. He gets arrested, stranded, and threatened by multiple people on his travels.

The movie released in 2001 and grossed almost 150 million dollars at the box office.

Why Desiree Perez Continues to Remain a Beacon of Hope

The entertainment industry is pretty much known for sexually harassing ladies. In fact, most of the key positions in the industry are held by men. The saddest thing is that these men continue to use women with an exchange of a better life ahead.

However, some women like Desiree Perez continue to be a beacon of hope for many women. The 47-year-old is considered to be one of the most influential ladies in the industry.

According to Billboard’s 2017 Women in music list, Desiree Perez is a legendary executive who is a head of several marketing departments. In addition, she has helped several male and female figures achieve success and fame in the music industry over the past two decades.

A Look At Her Company, Roc nation

Desiree Perez is a COO of a full-service entertainment company known to manage songwriters, producers and sound engineers in the industry. Currently, the company has signed up common names such as J. Cole, Shakira and Calvin Harris.

The entertainment company continues to grow by the year signing in new artists. In addition, the company is moving into other ventures such as negotiating record and tour deals for their clients.

Why Desiree Perez’s Work is Celebrated

If you mention Jay Z, Desiree Perez’s name comes up as an influential person who has helped Jay Z’s business to expand over the past two decades. The two have worked as associates and Perez is known to have helped Jay Z move from being just an ordinary musician to a business mogul.

On the other hand, Desiree Perez has helped other clients like Rihanna secure a $25-million Samsung collaboration. Desiree Perez has become a key person in the life of Rihanna. That is an example of women in the same industry standing together to support each other.

In addition, Desiree Perez also helped Sprint to close a deal with TIDAL worth $200 million.

Better Advertising Through Pod Casting With Norman Pattiz

Every great product wants to get their name out to the masses. There are a good number of effective ways to do this. You can advertise on bill boards, or through the radio and television. Norman Pattiz has figured out a way to advertise effectively through pod casting, and has studies of how well the pod casting advertising helps each certain brand.

The findings were well in favor of pod casting rather than other traditional methods. With times changing more people are browsing through podcast rather than television, bill boards, and radio. It is nice to have your brand acknowledge but even better to be purchased, after all that is what advertising is all about.

Studies showed that pod casting was very effective at turning sales over for those brands. PodcastOne tested this by surveying listeners before and after a ad campaign was run. Not surprisingly the number of people purchasing brands from those advertisements was much better than a traditional format. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

With pod casting being so successful Norman Pattiz has over three-hundred and forty hours of original programming through two hundred of the most popular podcast. It is clear that if you want better sales for your brands, that PodcastOne can do that for you. These studies were recently conducted as of late twenty sixteen and more results will come from future studies of podcasting advertisements.

Norman Pattiz has created the company Radio Giant Westwood One. He is currently a chairman of his radio station and has helped make it one of Americas largest radio stations.

His radio station broadcasts, news, sports, talk, entertainment, and traffic programming. Norman Pattiz has been part of the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America, he has also recieved an award from the Library of American Broadcasting for Giants of Broadcasting.