Southridge Capital Endorses “Out-of-the-Box” Financial Solutions

Southridge Capital is a private equity company based in Ridgefield, Connecticut, USA. The company provides structured finance and advisory services for companies that are publicly traded. It is focused in facilitating a wide array of enhanced financial solutions to meet the requirements and needs of existing and potential clients.



Southridge Capital is confident with its professional team of experts who have a profound experience and knowledge about the various industries present in the market. Its team of experts are likewise proficient in the formulation and implementation of customized financial programs that meets the optimum needs of the client.



From the time the company started its operations in 1996, it has assisted in financing more than 250 publicly traded companies, and has infused around $1.8 billion for their development. Southridge has two main services that can cover the financial requirements of its clients, and these are the advisory service and the structured finance services. The advisory services are comprised of Financial Analysis, Balance Sheet Optimization, Mergers and Acquisitions, Restructuring Analysis, Bankruptcy Advice, and Legal Settlement.



The Financial Analysis services deals in the creation of detailed financial statements that are based on operational and financial rules. Balance Sheet Optimization is used to help companies have a proper balance between their equities and debts. The Mergers and Acquisitions services involve the sourcing of other companies whose business schemes can augment or complement that of the client’s. As for Restructuring Analysis, the companies are given the best option to attain optimum restructuring results. The provision of Bankruptcy Advice is a means to help companies find a way out of bankruptcy, and the Legal Settlement services details every required legalities to reduce the expenses and time encountered by clients during litigation processes.



The structure finance service of Southridge Capital involves Securitization, Credit Enhancing, and Financing Solutions. In performing the Securitization, the Southridge team proposes unconventional means to raise the financial capital needed by the company such as making loans by utilizing insiders’ stock options, capital or any other kinds of existing assets. Credit Enhancing works in eliminating or removing debt by offering common stock shares since this improves credit dependability of the clients. And in Financing Solutions, Southridge recommends that clients utilize their EPA or Equity Purchase Agreement to assist in acquiring capital solely upon their demand irrespective of the ongoing market situation. You can visit their facebook and twitter account to see more.


The Exclusive Oxford Club Network

The Oxford Club is made up of a network of successful investors who research hundreds of investment opportunities and select the ones that have the best gaining potential and the lowest risk. The company has been in operation for over 20 years, having started off as the Passport Club in 1989, then being renamed the Oxford Club in 1991.

This exclusive financial club has more than 150,000 members worldwide, and it works with beginning investors, as well as more experienced ones. The experts make recommendations on things like, bonds, funds, real estate and collectibles. They help their members gain financial liberty by learning how to grow and protect their wealth through the implementation of their simple investment strategies.

The educational part of the organization is called Investment U, which was founded in 1999. It was one of the first independent financial websites. Through it, members can get a free e-letter called Investment U Daily that has tips on gaining financial freedom. The club’s Chief Investment Strategist, Alexander Green, contributes a financial newsletter called the Oxford Communique, which was ranked as one of the top investment letters in the U.S. for 15 years. There are a total of 5 e-letters that are offered through the program. In addition to that, the club offers 3 newsletters, as well as 11 trading services.

There are 3 levels of membership: Premier; Director’s Circle; and Chairman. The Premier option is entry-level membership that comes with a subscription to one of the club’s newsletters or trading services. Members are also given the opportunity to learn from the leading experts in the financial industry through the access they will have to them when they attend the club’s investment conferences and seminars that are held in places all over the world. Club members also have access to the organization’s Clubhouse, which is located near Baltimore, Maryland.

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NEDC’s Kevin Seawright: A Man of the People

Kevin Seawright has achieved a lot in the course of his career. Also, he’s portrayed both talent and skill while performing his leadership duties. Mr. Seawright is the VP of a New Jersey company called Newark Economic Development Corp. (NEDC). He joined the firm’s managerial team in 2014.

Kevin’s profile on Crunchbase states that he has worked as a finance specialist in the state of New Jersey for more than a decade. Through executive position at NEDC, he strives to make his community better. Read more: Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions LLC Assist Baltimore City Housing Employee Attain First Home

The VP specializes in finance management. He has served in different government institutions as a finance manager for many years. A few years ago, he was one of the managing fiscal officers at Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement.

Kevin Seawright came up with a unique accounting setup while working at the Commission on Aging. This new system allowed him to reduce the company’s operational costs by $100,000. Seawright left the firm to join the Housing Authority of Baltimore, where he served as a payroll director. Kevin likes to help those around him.

Currently, Mr. Seawright is working with the people of Newark to strengthen the area’s economy. He wants to make Newark a better city than it is right now. Kevin can achieve this noble goal as he has vast experience in the finance sector having worked for many companies. He’s knowledgeable about education, real estate and local government.

According to Kevin Seawright, community issues are essential to the growth and development of a country. He’s a board member of the Babe Ruth Birthplace museum. His membership at this board allows him to help his community. Seawright has also coached a number of teams comprising of young people from his community.

Kevin has an excellent online presence. He has several social media accounts on various platforms. These include Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr. He likes to post about financial news and issues concerning the people of Newark. Additionally, he uses social media to promote his services and talk to some of his clients. Mr. Seawright has an impressive portfolio that showcases his areas of expertise. He’s good at event planning, customer services, leadership development and strategic planning.