Thinking About Buying A Cleansing Conditioner? Read This First

By now, you may have heard people raving about the amazing benefits of switching from conventional shampoo and conditioner to a cleansing conditioner. So, what makes this product so unique?

While conventional shampoo and conditioner products depend on harsh synthetic chemicals to aggressively strip away hair’s natural oils, cleansing conditioners are composed of natural ingredients that are gentle and full of the nutrition that hair needs.

The most popular Cleansing Conditioner by far is by WEN by Chaz. This QVC advertised product has become a coveted cult favorite in the world of hair care thanks to its undeniable ability to restore even the most intensely damaged, limp and dry hair after just one application.

Emily McClure decided to make the switch to a cleansing conditioner after having spent years being disappointed by conventional hair care products. She was yearning for a product that would give her limp hair a boost of volume and shine.

She finally picked up a bottle of WEN Cleansing Conditioner after seeing the commercial for the product on television late at night. In order to share the results with others, she kept a hair journal that can be read here.

Emily decided to apply WEN Cleansing Conditioner to her hair every day for one week. She was careful to follow the directions on the back of the bottle in order to ensure the best results.

After using the product for the first time in the shower, Emily noticed that her hair had a hint of volume at last. Additionally, she was amazed by how soft her hair was.

Each day, Emily’s hair looked and felt better than it had the day before. By day seven, Emily had finally achieved the full, shiny and soft hair that she had always desired. Thanks to Emily’s hair journal, it’s safe to assume that this Guthy-Renker endorsed product is definitely the real deal.