Securus Technologies Continues To Impress With The New Drone Detection Tests

According to the staff at Securus Technologies, initial trials have proved successful, and they have revealed areas of the technology that need improvement to make it more effective.

They reveal that just like with any other new technology, constant improvements are necessary, as gaps are identified when it is implemented.

Drones have become affordable, easy to operate and more accessible. As criminals come up with innovative ways to engage in crime and cover their tracks, authorities have to work hard to keep up with them.

Securus Technologies is committed to working with correctional facilities to develop an effective and quick solution to this threat. As criminals conspire to circumvent existing security solutions, Securus Technologies is not relenting in its efforts to keep prisons and the public safe from these elements.

More than three thousand five hundred correctional facilities, law enforcement agencies, and criminal investigation authorities rely on software from Securus Technologies.

The technology is installed in facilities across America where more than 1.2 million criminals are held.

Recently, the company’s customer service team won three awards at the 2018 Stevie Awards. They won gold for customer service complaints handling.

Zelperita Jackson scooped the silver medal for customer service professional of the year, while the company’s video visitation team got a bronze medal in the awards.

They organize major global business awards such as the International Business Award and the American Business Award, the Stevie Awards for great employees and women in business categories.

They recognize top business development, sale professionals and customer service providers with the Stevie Awards for Customer service and sales.

The company competed for the award against more than two thousand five hundred other nominees from around the world.

According to Michael Gallagher, the Stevie Awards president, independent professionals from around the world vetted the nominees. In their view, the winners’ achievements merited public recognition.

The awards were presented before over six hundred global business executives who attended the award ceremony at Ceasers Palace in Las Vegas, NV.

Speaking during the event, the company’s senior vice president, Danny de Hoyos, admitted that they recorded the best customer service metrics in 2017.

He revealed that the company’s commitment to doing things the right way had won them an A+ rating from 2016 and BBC accreditation. He congratulated the customer service team behind this success.

He was particularly proud of Zelperita Jackson for being singled out for a global award in the customer service professionalism category.


Securus Technologies Stops Criminal Activity in Prisons

Securus Technologies is a communications provider for correctional institutions give inmates and families the opportunity to stay in touch. Securus currently serves more than 1.2 million inmates in 3,400 correctional institutions all over the North American Continent.

When inmates have the opportunity to speak to family members on a regular basis, it is very important to the inmate and to his or her family. The process may help inmates be rehabilitated more readily by having such contact as they realize that what they have done to be incarcerated in the first place has hurt the family.

Several different methods are available for inmates to stay in touch with their families. Thes include direct billing, where a bill is sent on a regular basis to a responsible party such as the inmate’s family, collect billing where the called party pays the charge for the call if they accept, inmate debit, where the charge comes out of the inmate’s account, and advance pay, where the charges for the calls are paid in advance.

One drawback of making such an open and accessible communication system available is the possibility of it becoming a pathway for criminal activity. The possibility for inmates to make arrangements for the importing into the prison of drugs, sex, alcohol, and other criminal plans is always a possibility.

Securus has implemented a voice tracking system where the computers can detect and identify any voice and link it to an actual person whenever any speaks on the system. If several different persons are speaking about a plan or a caper to do wrong, the tracking system can identify those individuals.

This is publicized so that the incidents of using the system for such activities is minimized, When inmates and outside individuals are caught in such activities, the recordings of the conversations can be used as evidence in a court of law.