Andrew Rocklage’s Professional Growth

Andrew Rocklage attended the Suffolk University Law School and studied hard to earn his qualification as a legal counselor. The sharp and well-read mind pushed his studies further by attending Isenberg School of Management after graduating from his legal studies.

At the Isenberg School of Management, he trained himself and equipped his person with the skills, knowledge, and discipline to run corporate and legal endeavors diligently and successfully. The scholar had done his part in sharpening his mind and set out to sharpen his skills through amassing some working experience.

Among the many legal services that Andrew Rocklage offered the clients he picked up along the way of building his legal career, the corporate position he held at the EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals earned him a distinction in the legal world. He was excellent in the way he served the firm. He earned unique and impeccable referrals. However, the major reason why Rocklage is a household name in Boston has nothing to do with his legal career, as successful as it has grown.

Despite having the busiest schedule of reading and keeping himself up to date with contemporary legal issues, Rocklage has also been running a very busy business.

Rocklage has made a fortune from the Sky Zone Trampoline Park. The park is so unique that it is considered one of Boston’s most innovative business concepts. Read more: Andrew Rocklage | Angel

Therefore, apart from being a legal counsel and businessman, Andrew is acknowledged as an innovator. The Sky Zone Trampoline Park is considered to be an innovative idea because it features indoor trampoline parks. However, the business is not entirely popular among the people of Boston for its innovation: it is most popular for its impressive customer services.

Andrew Rocklage takes plenty of his time to screen recruits to work at the Sky Zone Trampoline Park. He appreciates that the major reason the business thrives is that it has always managed to please its customers. In fact, the businessman has specialized in screening talented individuals who have the capacity to chat and converse with visitors to the entertainment establishment.

He is ever pleased to hear customers talk about how well they get treated at the establishment. It is from happy customers that the business gets referrals and return business. Fortunately, Andrew Rocklage has always had the ability to train his employees to meet his expectations and has an innate charisma that drives them to keep focused and motivated for the sake of the business.

The career and business activities of Rocklage have been confined to Boston since he left school. However, he may decide to expand to other cities since he has grown enough to do so.

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