Amazing Ideas To Increase The Visual Height Of Your Ceiling

If your home has a low ceiling, you are not alone in the world. The good news is that you can fake the height of your rooms and other parts of your house. Experts over the years have come up with some imaginative and creative ideas to make your home ceiling look tall and high. From using stripes to low profile furniture, there are countless ideas you can implement to accomplish the task.

Following are some of the secrets of increasing the visual height of the ceiling you can use in your home.

Walls with Vertical Stripes:

 Stripped walls always look taller than they actually are. You can do many things to create vertical stripes on the walls. The easiest method is to use wallpaper or the paint. You have to do everything possible to draw the eyes of the visitor to the top of the room. Stripes can definitely direct the people’s attention to the top.

Hang Curtains on Top of the Walls:

Most people hang curtains at the top of the window frame. On the other hand, it is an excellent idea to go all the way to the highest point on the wall to create illusion of height. This will draw your eyes to the top, making your ceiling look higher.

Renovate Your Ceiling:

 You can also do a unique makeover to the room ceiling. Surprise the guests by adding shocking and unexpected wallpaper. You can also use a pretty but unique coat of paint to make your ceiling more beautiful and eye-catching. Alex Mouldings offered modern ceiling designs that can be perfect with your home interior.

Another amazing trick is to use high gloss paint on the ceiling. The reflection from the paint will create a sense of high ceiling and bigger room. Traditional ceiling types such as coffered ceilings or boxed beam ceilings can also do the job for you.

Go for Low Profile Furniture:

 Another method to increase the visual height of the ceiling is to choose low profile furniture. In simple words, you must choose the furniture which sits close to the floor. It is one of the best methods to make your room look bigger and capacious. You don’t feel cramped and closed if your room has low profile furniture.  This type of furniture takes less space, leaving a greater distance between the ceiling and top of the furniture.

Hang as many Mirrors as Possible:

 One way to make your room feel bigger is to hang reflective surfaces such as mirrors on the walls. Installing them a bit higher than usual will help you accentuate the effect even further. You need to add as many mirrors as possible if your room is low and cramped. This will instantly help you to achieve an expansive look in addition to making your room beautiful and attractive.

Experiment with Scale and Contrast:

 Previously, we talk about skipping taller furniture pieces and replacing them with the low-profile furniture. However, this is mostly true for sofas, chairs, tables, and beds etc. As a matter of fact, tall furniture pieces such as bookshelves make your room seem taller and bigger. Again, never forget to keep sofas, chairs and other upholstered pieces in a low profile style. You have to play with different dimensions to create more height in the room.

Recessed Lighting is the Best Option:

 You need to resist the temptation of installing chandeliers or drum shade fixtures in a room with low ceiling. They do look magnificent and luxurious but they can further decrease the height of the ceiling. On the contrary, you must consider using recessed or flush mount light fixtures. They basically perform two duties. They increase the visual height of the room by sitting inside the ceiling. Secondly, they greatly enhance the beauty of the ceiling, making it more fabulous and stunning.

There are many ways you can decorate the room with low ceiling and make it seem taller. Above mentioned are some of the tips you can use in your home to accomplish the task.