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Understanding wine is a complicated matter, and knowing it all about the French Wines is even more so. The labeling process of French wine is different from other wines, and while others have the grape variety mentioned on their label, French wine has the region of origin specified on the label.

UKV PLC’s guide indicates that it is due to the French concept of Terroir, which says that the climate, soil, topographical conditions, local winemaking traditions, and other geographical factors play a huge role in how the result would be. Such factors can significantly influence how the wine would taste, and it is because of this reason the French wines are named and categorized as per the region of origin.

To understand this system comprehensively, wine connoisseurs should try to understand and learn the French Appellation system. It is a classification of French wines as per their region of origin and would help with understanding what is mentioned on the label. Even though there are many different types of wines available all over France, some of the most famous wines come from the region of Burgundy, Bordeaux, Loire, and Champagne. Even though these are French wines, they are peculiarly different from each other regarding texture, taste, smell, and flavor.

UKV PLC is a highly popular wine retailer in the United Kingdom, offering regular, rare, vintage, and investment grade wines to the wine connoisseurs. UKV PLC gets wines from across the world, and as it is an independent retailer, they have a huge stock of a wide variety of wines.

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